Things To Bring On Hunt:
Portable Spot light/headlight for night hunts
Cooler, if you are taking meat home with you
I recommend good boots that are snake and water proof (summer hunts)
Bug Spray
Food and Drinks
Extra Clothes (you might get wet on your hunt).
Pillow, towel, and blanket.(if staying the night at our camp house.)
Real Deal Hog Hunts offers guided hog hunts with dogs and knife.We are located in Perry, Florida. Our prices are $200.00 per person per day, to hunt in our 800 acre hunting preserve.Price includes free lodgeing, and a meat hog.  If you chose to kill a trophy hog on your hunt, there will be a Trophy Kill Fee (listed below.)
 In the summer months, we hunt in the late evenings or early mourning's.  In the winter months, we hunt from sunrise to sunset.  We will hunt until you get your kill, or tell us you are ready to quit. Our number one goal is to show you a good time and make a memorable hunt for our guest. All guest will be required to sign a hold harmless agreement before entering property.
Our guest are welcome to stay in our rustic camp house for no additional charge.Our Camp house has power and a shower with hot water. Our guest are also welcome to camp out or bring their own camper. Camper spots are $15.00 per day.  There are also plenty of hotel rooms near by if you chose to not to stay at the camp. 
If you have your own dogs you would like come hunt in our preserve, we will be offering daily and weekend rental for hog dog owners. Contact us for rental rates and regulations.
MEAT HOG HUNT: $200.00
MANGEMENT BOAR: $275.00 (1.5"-2"TUSK)
TROPHY BOAR: $325.00 ( 2"-3" TUSK)
MONSTER BOAR: $450.00 ( 3" + TUSK)